Where the Dolphins Swim

I’m like a kid every time I see a dolphin come up for air! I stop what I am doing and turn my focus to these beautiful creatures. The biggest smile comes across my face as I wait for their smooth, silvery bodies come to the surface for another breath.

One afternoon, while in New Smyrna Beach, I watch a ripple on the water and wait, then spot a fin or two come above the surface and disappear again. There must have been some good fishing as they stayed in the same area, continually resurfacing and then diving down again.

I grab my yellow and white paddle board, strap the leash to my ankle and slip the paddle into the calm, still water. Slowly I move in the direction of the activity. Just a couple hundred feet from the edge of the dock and I was in the midst of their playground. There were two dolphins, I’m guessing a mama with her baby at her side. I keep a distance so as not to intrude in their world.  Sitting on my paddleboard for at least 20 minutes I watch their sleek bodies swim and fish in close view.

Bird in foreground, dolphin fin, paddleboarder
A visitor in their world

Why am I so entranced at the sight of a dolphin? Is it the surprise of their appearance? Could it be their playful nature or what seems to be a carefree life? It appears that they are always smiling and so I assume that they are happy.  Who wouldn’t be happy just gliding through the water all day?

Living on Saddle drive in Chester County, PA it was a regular occurrence for deer to wander through our backyard, stopping to feed on the vegetation.  We got quite used to these sightings. I find such similarities in these creatures, their gentleness and unfortunate acceptance that we have invaded their habitat.  I wonder, will I ever get used to seeing a dolphin jump from the water?

Whatever it is about them that brings me such joy I’m thankful for every surprise peek at a dolphin that I get!

A dolphin jumping out of the water
A fortunate opportunity

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