Transition and “The Look!”

Stephanie and I closed on our home last Thursday and are now moved into our one bedroom cottage on a farm for the winter. We now await spring, warmer temperatures and the next move to our Floating Home. img_0287

We were blessed to find a rental that the owner was okay renting on a month to month basis, and thankfully he was also okay with us bringing Blue – who loves walking the property and seeing the horses.

We’re starting to see how this transition is actually a blessing in disguise. Moving from our home to a one bedroom apartment is quite an adjustment – and moving from the apartment to the boat will be the next step in downsizing our living space.

One example is the space I had in my armoire for countless sweatshirts, jeans and t-shirts. Only about half of that fits in the dresser I have here and I’ll have even less space on the boat.

As Stephanie reminded me though, after this final winter, on the boat I’ll mostly just need shorts, t-shirts a pair of khakis and shirt for church – and that’s it!

One other adjustment is the size of the washer in the apartment. It is about half the size of our home washer and we’re betting the one on the boat is even smaller. Those are just a few of the reasons why we’re calling this the ‘transition’ to our Floating Home.

The LOOK!look

This morning we were talking about sharing the news of our big adventure with various people.

It seems no matter who we told of our plans to live and work aboard a boat we got one of two reactions:

  1. A blank stare that said, “You’re doing what?!”
  2. “Oh wow, that is so cool”

No matter what the reaction, people are also curious about how we came up with the idea – you can read about that in the first blog post, The Beginning of Our New Big Adventure – Nov 14, 2016.

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