Trains, Planes and Automobiles

One of the most common questions we get is “How do you guys get around?”

Since we were about 16 years old the ability to drive a car and get where we wanted to go when we wanted was something we greatly appreciated. A car equals freedom and mobility. This big adventure has brought on numerous challenges.   For the most part it’s been fun trying to tackle them, and experience a different approach to everyday life.

When we spent the summer in Rhode Island, our son Steve drove our car up to us and we sent him home on the train. Then, at the end of September, he took the train back to Rhode Island to pick up our car for us. That way we had our own car all summer.

Since the end of October, we’ve been on the move, heading south in search of warmer temperatures. Some stops we stay for a few days and other stops were simply overnight. Having our own vehicle would have been way too much trouble. Although, we have met other cruisers that shuttle their cars as they travel south. Each time they get to a new location they will rent a car to drive back and pick up their own car.

A few marinas offer loaner cars for boaters to borrow to run errands such as the post office and grocery store. The car at one particular marina was about a 30 year old Mercedes. The springs in the seats poked our butts, the windows wouldn’t go down and the floor was wearing so thin that we thought we’d have to pull a Barney Ruble/Fred Flintstone to keep it moving!  When the marina manager gave us the keys she said “You can have the car for one hour!”  In the car Jim said “I don’t think I’d want this car for more than an hour.”


Some marinas, that are close to town, offer loaner bikes.  What a fun way to get around and see the areas that we are traveling through and get a little exersize, too!







Here come the holidays! 

A couple days after Thanksgiving there was an important milestone in our family that I very much wanted to get back to Pennsylvania for.  My dad’s 90th birthday!

Finding a rental car

With weather and travel schedules unpredictable, we weren’t sure exactly where we would be when it was time for me to go to Pennsylvania.  Jim’s sister lives in Charlotte so we decided to spend Thanksgiving with her and I purchased a flight out of the Charlotte airport.  Jim would be staying back with Blue.

Little did I realize that the week of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest car rental weeks of the year until I started calling around. Beaufort is a rather small city and there were only a couple of rental car places to begin with. I then expanded the search to the Hilton Head/Savannah area.  Still no luck.

I considered changing my flight out of Charleston or Savannah. As I continued to look for rental cars somehow I came across this new app called Turo.  Turo is like an Airbnb for cars and it was the perfect solution.  We were connected with a local woman that lived just a few miles from the marina. We borrowed the marina loaner car to drive to an agreed upon location to pick up her car.

Jim & I drove to Charlotte and enjoyed a great Thanksgiving at Debbie’s house.  Early the next morning Jim took me to the airport and then drove back to Beaufort and returned the car to its proper owner!


Upon my return from a wonderful visit with lots of family celebration, I rented a car from Enterprise at the airport and drove back to Beaufort. Enterprise gave me a ride back to the marina where Jim, Blue & I were reunited, ready to hit the high seas together again!


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  1. Kudos to you both for all the adventures you take on to follow your dreams. So happy for you, although you are definitely missed back in the neighborhood.

  2. No specific plans those dates at this time except occasional holiday viewing at Longwood, so give us a call when you’re available.

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