The Survey


One of the most important things you can do when purchasing a boat is to hire an experienced captain and certified surveyor. Stephanie and I feel so blessed to hire the best in the business, Captain Robert ‘Buz’ Woodward.

Buz went over our boat from top to bottom, bow to stern and we then scheduled what’s known as a short haul and sea trial.

With the short haul, you hire the marina, to lift the boat out of the water to inspect the hull, shafts and props, as well as, power wash away sea scum.

It’s hard to believe that those straps are strong enough to hold a 38,000 pound boat!

After the short haul and inspection, we were able to take her out for a spin to see how she performs. This big boat has two Yanmar diesel engines with a combined 960 HP and went nearly as fast as my smaller 30’ Sea Ray! 🙂

With the survey and short haul complete, it was time to sign even more paperwork and wire some money so we can bring this boat home to Chesapeake City for the winter!

We are very much looking forward to taking possession of our dream Floating Home Sunday, December 4th.

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  1. Hi Jim,
    I am looking forward to following your journey. Great for you to follow your dreams! I, too, love the water. I now live on a lake to satisfy my thirst. I’ll be watching for your next post. Til then, happy holidays. God Bless. Tracey Lynn Cox

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