The Maiden Voyage – Home for the Winter

This past Sunday we drove our Floating Home from Tracey’s Landing, MD (south of Annapoimg_2318lis) to Chesapeake City, MD. Specifically, our home port is Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor on the beautiful Bohemia River.

The 71 mile trip took us 3 hours and 12 minutes and we averaged 22 mph – not bad for such a big boat!

I have this app called ‘Boat Tracker’ and in addition to the details of the trip, it also show a map.

Stephanie and my sister in law drove the car and shot some video of us leaving the dock in Tacey’s Landing, approaching the marina and finally me backing her into the slip. Other than being a 50’ boat, my only challenge was that our winter slip is at the end of the dock next to the bulk head, so limited space to comfortably spin.

Despite all of the suggestions from crew and onlookers (which you hear on the video lol!) I stayed focused, calm, took my time and did the job. Phew.

Next step is to get all systems winterized in two days and the end of this week Stephanie and I put our furniture in storage and move into our cozy one bedroom apartment for the winter.  We haven’t lived in a one bedroom apartment since we first got married 36 years ago – all part of the adventure!

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