It Takes a Lot of Practice!

Just in case you thought living on a boat was all sunshine and smiles, I thought I’d share just a glimpse into the other side of boating!

Last weekend I did some damage to the right rear corner of our swim platform while backing the boat into our slip. Maneuvering in tight spaces around other boats can be a stressful time for most boaters but I honestly feel that Stephanie and I are getting a good system down, and each time builds our confidence.

We each wear wireless headsets and talk to each other when we’re entering and exiting the slip. Since I cannot see the back of the boat from the helm, Stephanie tells me how far I am from the finger pier on the starboard side and the piling on the port side.

Trying to back a 50’ boat into a 50’ slip with 18” of clearance most days can be a little stressful. Although as I said, we’re getting better at it. However, last Sunday when we returned to the marina, the wind was kicking up and since our boat is tall the wind can move us around, adding to the normal challenge of steering in tight spaces.

Stephanie was telling me that I was getting too close to the pier and quicker than you can say, “I need a good fiberglass repair man” we hit and the noise was ridiculous – much worse sounding than the actual damage!

Anyway – we are enjoying a lot of sunshine and smiles, but next week we will have a good “glass man” stop by and fix the damage – hopefully never to be repeated!

2 thoughts on “It Takes a Lot of Practice!”

  1. Did that our 2nd time we backed into our slip. Ouch! After that, we now have the wireless headsets AND a backup camera 😉 (Hindsight being 20/20 we should have gone in bow first – it was too windy and like you, were just like a giant sail in wind!)

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