Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

Anchoring out near Baby Sea
Anchoring out near my brother’s sailboat

Here we are in the hot Maryland August sun.

Our plan was to head back up to New England for at least part of the summer, but somehow, we were led to stay right here on the Chesapeake Bay this summer.

After a full year of living full time on the boat, including a trip north to New England and south to Florida, we did a careful review of the expenses.  Was living on a boat less expensive than living in a house?  I’d say yes.  However, there are many variables.  It is like comparing apples to oranges.  Which tastes better?  It depends on what you want or expect.

Both Jim and I agree that we like to be on the move, it’s where more of the adventure happens. After about 2 months in one place, we both begin to get the itch to pull in the dock lines and head out in search of new small towns.  However, it’s far costlier to be on the move than it is to stay in one place.

4th of July dinner
Dinner with family on the 4th of July

We went back and forth discussing the cost of traveling to New England for a short period of time. Ultimately, we decided that the expense of fuel and the higher slip fees you pay when you don’t sign a summer contract just didn’t make much sense.

In addition, this only getting older body of mine requires exercise to keep a somewhat semblance of shape.  I do workouts on the aft deck often watching YouTube videos.  As I was doing some research I learned that HIIT was good for keeping aging at bay and the mind sharp.

So, I decided, at the ripe old age of 59, that I should start doing some running. That lasted about a week until I discovered that I had developed a stress fracture in my foot.  Putting me in a walking boot and needing to rest it as much as possible.

Jim & friends
Hanging out with great friends!

Once that happened we saw it as a message that we were meant to stay put this summer. I can sure think of a lot of worse places to spend the summer!  We are enjoying a lot of time near our family and friends. Jim and I are still hoping to explore more of this big bay before we begin our journey south in late October.

3 boys in the water
Just some cool dudes handing out in the water on a warm summer evening

We recently had the opportunity to gather with the members of the Upper Chesapeake Recreational Boaters Association for the annual ‘takeover’ event. We had so much fun spending time with others who share the same passion for boat life that we do. Jim was more than happy to show off our beautiful Floating Home to new friends, and chatting with those interested in the liveaboard lifestyle.  It was so fulfilling to hear how we are inspiring others.


Nick & Lynna dinner on the boat
My son and his girlfriend join us for dinner on the boat

We understand that living aboard a boat full time is not for everyone, and that is completely fine with us!



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