A Simple Summer Evening; joys of living on a boat

The day is drawing to a close. The sun is setting. The sky looks beautiful with streaks of purple, orange, and blue-gray. The crescent moon is high.

The baby osprey that live in a large nest at the end of our dock are busy as they practice flapping their wings. They are getting ready to fly. I hear them make calling sounds to each other.

I sit peacefully on the aft deck with my Kindle reading Of Foreign Build; From Corporate Girl to Sea Gypsy Woman by Jackie Parry. It’s astounding to read about this adventurous couple sailing the world in a 30-foot boat! Makes my life on Floating Home seem so safe and simple. Jim and I just hug the east coast as we travel aboard a 49’ motor yacht.

While it was in the 90s earlier today, a breeze is blowing, and the temperature is dropping. The humidity continues to make the air feel quite thick.

One powerboat races across the other side of the Bohemia River. A small blue-hulled sailboat gracefully moves across the water taking advantage of the light wind. 

I listen to the lapping of the water against the docks. Floating Home gently rocks. It is so relaxing. It’s just one of the many things I enjoy about this lifestyle.

Early this morning the water was calm, smooth as glass. I enjoyed a peaceful paddle down the river in my old blue kayak.

I hear deep muffled voices. There are just a few other boaters at the marina in the middle of the week.

The trees on land are full and green. There has been a lot of rain this summer.  Just last night we had quite a thunderstorm. The corn on the farm road that leads to the marina is growing high.

A pontoon boat is pulling into the marina just before it gets too dark.

The American flag flaps in the wind.  Under it, a flock of Canadian geese squawks as they peck the ground for food.

I notice the orange glow of safety lights on the power poles. They must have just automatically come on.

A perfect day for the middle of July, as we float on the water.

7 thoughts on “A Simple Summer Evening; joys of living on a boat”

  1. Loved hearing about your typical day! Please do more for those of us who work full time and boat only on the weekends for boat season in NY. Look look forward to more posts! Thank you!

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