Staying Put in Jacksonville

The sky is blue, with a few white, puffy clouds and the breeze is warm.  We’re hearing about snow, ice and cold from friends and family in the north.  We made it to Florida!

Watching the Super Bowl in the clubhouse



It has been a little over a month since we arrived in Jacksonville.  The marina is a beautiful place overlooking the Ortega River.  There’s a very nice clubhouse, pool and hot tub.  This past Sunday we had fun cheering the Eagles on to a win at the marina with quite a few fellow boaters.


Our original plan was to have our son, Steve, drive our car to Florida and then he’d fly home.  However, since being on the move quite a bit, we decided against that idea.  It’s easy to rent a car when we want to run some errands and go sightseeing.


Sweet Pete’s Candy Store
One of the beautiful tigers at the Cat Sanctuary

When you live in one area for a long time it seems you take for granted that the sights will always be there.  Being new to an area there’s more of a desire to explore.  We’ve visited a plantation, The Catty Shack; a wildlife refuge for tigers, The Riverside Arts Market, we enjoyed some candy from Sweet Pete’s, which was featured on the TV show The Profit and we spent a day in Saint Augustine.





Looking out at the boats moored in Saint Augustine gave us the itch to continue moving.  We love St. Augustine and were looking at taking the boat there, but we have decided to stay where we are until it’s time to start heading back north for spring and summer.

Taking a walk through St. Augustine

Sunday mornings we walk a couple blocks to a Presbyterian church in town. It is uplifting to hear God’s word and share fellowship with other Christians. We’re close to a shopping center with a grocery store, a few restaurants and a pharmacy. We can easily walk it or ride the marina’s loaner bikes to pick up items we need or to grab something to eat.



The boat being pulled to have some work done


As I write this blog post, our Floating Home is on blocks in the parking lot at Lamb’s Yacht Center having some repair work done.  It feels a quite odd staying on the boat when it’s not in the water, but it’s all working out.  Blue is at a kennel while this is happening.  Bringing the boat over to the yacht yard was the first time we’d had it out on the water since arriving here the end of December and it felt good to move, even though we didn’t go far!

Enjoying our big adventure together!


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