Small Town U.S.A.

It has been almost 3 weeks since we left our home port of Chesapeake City on a journey of adventure, discovery and warmer temperatures!  Small town America, as we like to refer to it, warms our hearts.  Reminders of simpler times, a slower pace, a time where people looked up and said “Hi, how are you today?”  And then waited for the answer.  So as we head south we’ve pulled over and spent the night and sometimes a few days in small towns along the waterway.

How amazed we were when we pulled into Edenton, NC and saw its good old fashion main street, soda shop and all!  Walking by residents looked you in the eye and when we said “Hi, how are you?”  The response was “We’re fine and hope you are too!”  We chatted with the clerk at the local hardware store who wasn’t in a hurry.  The waitress at the restaurant, where we enjoyed a tasty dinner, told us about growing up in a town where everybody knows everybody and her high school class had less than 200 students.  Not that it was all peaches and cream, there are draw backs to this life, just as every town has its pros and cons.

The next stop was Belhaven.  We stayed at the free dock, about a mile walk to a few shops and restaurants.  We bundled up and faced the wind and cold as we saw what there was to see.

Walking along the old railroad tracks to this very small town.  Nothing too exciting here.

Oriental was next on the hit parade!  More miles under our feet to get into town.  The owner of the very small, family owned marina offered us use of his golf cart, but we passed on the offer instead opting to get exercise.   Jim bought a new rain jacket at one shop. I browsed at the jewelry, something I used to buy, but no need or desire now.

Talking with the owner in another place about our walk to town he said “You must be staying at Steve’s place.” “Yes, we are.”  “You should have used his golf cart!”   The funny thing we noticed in Oriental was a plethora of black labs!  Jack was the marina’s 5 year old black lab.  He was romping around with another one that apparently lived nearby and came over to play!  As we walked into town and back we must have passed at least 2 or 3 more!  Reminded me of the days growing up when dogs ran loose in the neighborhood.  Leash law, what’s that?!

Now we are spending 4 days in the popular coastal resort town of Beaufort, NC.  More old houses, gift shops and restaurants along the water.  Early one evening we headed to a pizza/sub shop a little less than a mile away giving us a chance to walk off some of our dinner!

Weather and seas permitting tomorrow we may head out to sea and finish off the rest of North Carolina by way of the Atlantic.

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  1. Small town living is wonderful. It’s so nice to be in a place where everyone smiles and says hello. It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. Enjoy!

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