Schedules, Plans and Perspective

Good morning from Cape May, New Jersey!

In a few short days, I’ve learned a lot about schedules, plans, perspective and who’s in control –  and who’s not! We had planned to be pulling into Rhode Island tomorrow and now will not likely leave New Jersey till Thursday due to high winds. Good weather permitting, that might get us into Rhode Island, where we’ll spend the summer, this weekend.

Last night as I was grimacing, Stephanie says, “We’re not heading home, we are home, and for the next couple days our home address is Cape May!” I am a lucky man! 😊 #Blessed #Perspective

2 thoughts on “Schedules, Plans and Perspective”

  1. You wanted an adventure and that’s what you are having! I hear Cape May is lovely this time of year! Travel safely- I hear the weather here on Friday is going to stink! Be safe!

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