Living in a small space

Floor Plan of our home

One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘How do you live in such a small space?”

How much living space?

Floating Home is approximately 480 square feet of living space. This measurement includes the aft deck and bridge, semi-outdoor spaces. It truly provides all the room we need. There is even room for overnight guests. We have enough storage for what we have on board. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity & flexibility to find a place to put things away. Yet we find this boat to be perfect for 2 people to live aboard.

motor yacht on the water
She might be big for a boat, small for a home, but she provides us with everything we need

How we make it work

We have minimized the number of dishes, clothes, and books we have. All our dishware is now in one cabinet, instead of the numerous cabinets we had in our land house. We now collect books on KIndle in place of hard copies. Since we aren’t going into the office every day and working with the same people, there really isn’t a need to wear something different all the time. Our wardrobes are now much smaller. There are drawers under the bed that we use as a dresser for our clothes. The forward shower is now a closet.

We try to find multiple uses for many items.  The dock box is for storage of dock lines and cleaning supplies, and when closed a teak top was added and it serves as a table. We are so fortunate to have a washing machine, which also serves as a hamper. The footstool in the salon is used for storage of breakable items when we travel.

Our storage unit

What’s in storage

Yes, we do have a storage unit that makes us cringe when we think about all that’s in it.  A bedroom set, living room furniture, a kitchen table, and chairs, as well as a huge assortment of keepsakes.  We had thought that we’d be moving back to a house after a year or so of living on a boat. However, after 4 years of life aboard Floating Home we realize that hanging on to and storing all those things AND paying for a large storage unit was not practical. This past summer we sold and donated more of our belongings so we were able to downsize to a much smaller unit.

Getting away from each other!

“How do you get away from each other?” is another frequently asked question. Yes, life is very different from the years that we were out of the house at work for 9 hours a day. Like everything else, we’ve made adjustments. We love the outdoor life that we experience by living on a boat.  We may get away from each other by taking a walk, paddle boarding, or going out for a bike ride. After a day of work, while I’m preparing dinner, Jim will often head up to sit on the bridge with his IPad.

Making the shift

The real difference is shifting from what you want to what you truly need.  The desire for adventure outweighs our desire for things. We have chosen to live with less so that we can experience more.

The best things in life aren’t things.

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2 thoughts on “Living in a small space”

  1. Hi Stephanie! It’s Suzanne, your cousin Jon’s ex. Both you and your husband look SO relaxed and happy in every single photo. Congratulations on finding your happy place!! I’m ready to retire in about 1 year then who knows?! Boat or camper maybe.
    Happy cruising!

    1. Hi Suzanne! Thank you! of course, we don’t have the camera out when the boat is in need of major repairs or has run aground… again! We don’t look so relaxed at those times! I hope you do something exciting and adventurous when you retire! Thanks for reading the blog and reaching out! Great to hear from you!

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