Land Transportation for Cruisers: What we do to get around on land

We live on the water, so how do we get where we need to go on land? What do we do about getting to the store and generally getting around? Honestly, we use a variety of modes of transportation!

Our home port is on the eastern shore of the northern Chesapeake Bay. We often spend 3-5 months a year in that area. This location is approximately 50 miles from many of our family members and longtime friends. So we have what we refer to as a ‘beater’ car, it gets us from point A to point B safely but without luxuries. That little car has made many trips north and south on Route I-95. In the fall, when we head south, we store the car in the driveway of our son’s house.

green Kia Soul car
It gets us from point A to Point B!

As we travel down the eastern seaboard it takes a bit more creativity to get where we need to go!

Uber logo lyft logo
Uber & Lyft are very helpful

Now, in the days of Uber and Lyft, it’s simply a tap on an app on our phone. Within minutes a car and driver will arrive to take us where we want to go! Usually, the driver is familiar with the area. We enjoy chatting and learning fun facts about the places we are visiting. Often the driver can suggest the best restaurants to go to.

Occasionally, we have stayed at marinas that have a loaner car. Typically, they ask that you keep use of the car within an hour and stay local. It is perfect for a run to the grocery store or hardware store.

blue mini-van
Loaner van from Doziers, Deltaville, MD

black Mercedes car
Calvert Marina loaner car, Solomons Island,
motor yacht carrying bicycles
Our bikes are stored in the cockpit

We now carry bicycles with us. At first, we thought it would be too cumbersome to store bikes on the boat. When we spent a month on Hilton Head we rented bikes. It was then that we realized how freeing it was to have our own land transportation when traveling. A month later we purchased cheap, used bikes, knowing that the salt air would be rough on them. We bought 2 bikes for $50! They offer us a great form of exercise and provide transportation to get to a store. They are fun for sightseeing, too.

Boaters connect with each other and are quite willing to help out. Kind neighbors have offered us rides or use of their car. I recall the first year of living aboard when we spent a few months at The Marina at Ortega Landing in Jacksonville, FL. Our dog Blue was sick and we needed to get him to a vet. Without hesitation, the couple on the boat in the slip next to us, graciously loaned us their truck so we could get our pup the medical care he needed.

black dog in car
Taking Blue to the vet

Sometimes we’ll treat ourselves to a rental car. This is helpful when we need to do large shopping. We also enjoy the freedom to get around and see the sights of an area where we are staying. We have gotten a rental car to drive ‘home’ to visit family.

How we get around is one of 5 frequently asked questions we get asked about living on a boat. In a previous blog post, we answer other questions. Read about them here:

Where ever our travels take us, we manage to get where we need to go!

2 bike riders stopping to view the water
Riding our bikes to go sightseeing on Bald Head Island, NC

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  1. Loved reading. 💕 You’re always including great information for people considering this sort of life. Some big boating/ travel blog should reference you guys. Looking good Steph!! Nice use of the link and the quote box. As always, a fun read! ~Tiffany

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