A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

It’s time to cast off!

Saturday, April 29 at 1:54 pm the tanks were filled with 400 gallons of diesel and it was time to leave our home port of Chesapeake City, Maryland!  My brother, sister-in-law and niece gave us final good-bye hugs and Jim’s longtime friend, and fellow boater, Scott was there to escort us down the river up to the C & D canal and take video of our departure!

We felt such a mix of emotions running through our souls as we took off from excitement, and joy, to fear, and are we crazy stupid?!

For the most part the trip from the Bohemia River to the Cape May canal was fairly uneventful, except for a challenge with the electronic navigation we were using.

It was low tide as we came in to Cape May harbor and we almost ran aground, not once but twice.  Jim’s careful handling of the boat (while yelling at me “Find me deep water”, he thinks I’m God, can you tell?!) kept us safely moving.

We did it!  The feeling of satisfaction we experienced once we had tied up the lines to the dock in Cape May is almost indescribable. Up to this point the farthest we’ve ever ventured in our Sea Ray was to Rock Hall, MD.

Day 2 we had planned to get up to Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  However, we quickly discovered our current threshold for high seas!  Just after getting out of the Cape May harbor into the ocean I was found screaming “Turn Around!  Take this boat back!” When we returned to the dock we found the cabin quite a mess from things getting tossed around in the waves.

Day 3 and we are still in Cape May waiting for the wind and rough seas to die down.  We’re docked along some mega-yachts and Jim is working and I went off to do laundry.  Upon my return I didn’t see Blue. As it turns out he’d taken his first swim!  I wondered if he could swim, we have tried to get him to go in the water in the past but he showed no interest so we didn’t push it.  Just recently I was talking with my son Nick, a dog daddy, telling him that I wondered what would happened if Blue fell in the water and Nick assured me that if the need arises all dogs will swim.  He is right!  Jim and I, along with a dock hand, were seen laying on the dock pulling a very soaked 78-pound dog out of the water.

Day 4 Jim, Blue and I enjoyed walking around beautiful Cape May and planned to depart tomorrow morning, as the forecast is showing low wind and calm seas.

It’s the beginning of moving our home from place to place.  At one point Jim was grimacing about not being able to head north and I told him, “we’re not heading home, we are home, and for a few days our address is Cape May.” All in all Cape May is not a bad place to live!

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