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My grandmother used to say “You’re either a clean cook or a good cook!” Now don’t take it that I’m saying I am a good cook, but oh am I a messy one! I have been known to use 3 knives just to make a sandwich!

What’s Cookin’?

I can pretty much whip up any meal or treat we desire except for a Thanksgiving Turkey!

Cooking has come to be a joy for me. Much more so than when I was working full-time and came home at the end of the day too exhausted to prepare dinner. I have a couple cookbooks on board, and a pile of favorite recipe cards. Pinterest and Google now make the search for recipes, using the ingredients that are on board, quite easy!

With such a small oven it takes some forethought. Particularly if I want to have meatloaf, baked potatoes, and roasted vegetables for dinner! When I have my heart set on a meal like that then I’ll plan to reheat a part of the meal just before we sit down to eat.

How the galley is equipped

The galley comes equipped with a 2-burner induction stovetop and a microwave oven. That’s it! I suppose that works for weekend boating. As full-time live-aboards we need a little more.

We purchased a countertop Breville toaster oven and have found that this works very well as an oven. We brought our crockpot and blender on board with us. How else are you going to make daiquiris? After about a year, I decided to purchase a small electric hand mixer for making baked goods.

A Magna propane grill was added in the cockpit on the back of the boat. Grilling within a marina is quite frowned upon due to all the fuel around! So, we enjoy burgers on the grill when we are out on anchor.

Since counter space is limited the kitchen table is often used for prepping. I’ve learned to work in this very small space and appreciate all that we do have.


There are 2 main cabinets that hold the large majority of our food. One in the kitchen above the stovetop, and the other is a cabinet in the forward cabin under the bed. The same as in a home, I keep staple items such as flour, sugar, spices, and canned foods on hand. We like to eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies but of course, they don’t keep too long. So, it’s important to eat them soon after grocery shopping. We then resort to canned and frozen foods as supplies diminish. When we are traveling we stockpile the forward berth with extra provisions. It can get pretty messy up there! It has rarely been more than a week before getting out to a grocery store. We’ve never gone hungry!

Drinkware on the top shelf, dishes on the bottom

When we moved aboard, I decided to buy a set of Corelle dishes for the boat. They are very thin and take up little room in the one cabinet that has all our dishware and glasses. Also, they are known to be very durable. So far, we haven’t broken any. Unfortunately, a few glass wine glasses have bit the dust!

Getting Groceries

Getting groceries takes a little thought and preparation. My car isn’t simply sitting in the driveway! We have bikes, mine has a basket on the front and Jim has pannier bags on the back of his. We get a bit of exercise as we go for a ride to get groceries. If we need more than will fit on our bikes or when the store is too far to ride to we may call for an Uber or Lyft ride. At times a rental car provides our transportation to the store.

Eating while Underway

When we are underway I plan meals in advance and keep it pretty simple. The times that we are fortunate to have calm waters I may get a little more elaborate but that is pretty rare. Early on, we had an experienced boater advise us to stay on the bridge as much as possible during a passage. The more you go up and down stairs on a moving vessel, the higher the likelihood of injury. We make sure to have drinking water, and plenty of snacks on the bridge when underway.

Snacks while underway

The galley is a bright, well-lit space and open to the main living area and works very well for us!

A view of the galley on the Carver 43MY

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