I’ll be Home for Christmas

This would be the first year, since having children, that we didn’t have our own home where we would spend Christmas.  This was when I first experienced a disappointment in our live aboard life.

In early December Jim said “Our Floating Home needs to be decorated for Christmas!”  Bummer, I was hoping he wouldn’t notice!  You see, I had put together a small box of Christmas decorations that I planned to use on the boat.  When we were in the Pennsylvania area in October I went to the storage unit to retrieve them.  I pulled up the big, metal door and looked among the furniture, old bikes, shelves and boxes.  My eye spotted a neatly stored little plastic container marked with a label Christmas decorations.  Unfortunately, it had gotten pushed far out of reach, behind rolled up area rugs, bookshelves and all those other stored items I mentioned.  No, I was not going to climb into that cavern to get to that box.


Jim and I enjoyed hopping on the rusty marina provided bikes to ride into the town of Brunswick.  We headed to the local Dollar General and picked up a few tacky decorations.  On another day while wandering through some cute craft and antique type shops while docked in town and we found the perfect Christmas tree for Floating Home, a lighted, two foot, artificial tree!

Floating Home was now ready for Christmas, next we needed to get ourselves together with our family.

For the past 35 years we woke up in our own home with our children down the hall.  Even when they had moved away they returned to their childhood home on Saddle drive so we could all be together on for Christmas morning.  We would have a family breakfast, traditionally sausage egg casserole, together at the house.   We often hosted Christmas dinner with our extended family, or took a quick drive to my parent’s, sister’s or brother’s house for dinner.

Taking Blue to Yappy Days for Christmas!


This Christmas required a bit of planning to get back to the area, which I suppose will always be considered home.  I searched for a kennel for Blue, purchased plane tickets, rented a car to get to the airport, booked a hotel the night before we took off because our flight left at 6:00 am.  But once again, it all worked out, which reminds us that what we are doing is meant to be.





We usually stay with our daughter Amanda when we visit Pennsylvania.  However, there were times that she and her husband had holiday plans with others, so we coordinated visiting other friends and family while they were out and about.

Christmas dinner at Amanda and Matt’s house was full of conversation, activities and laughter with 28 family members!  A huge meal was shared in their beautifully decorated home.

Great time for family conversation!
Nana chatting with her grandson, Steve, while great-grandson, Nathan releases energy!!!


Heading home

Two days later, at 4:30 in the morning, our son Steve gave us a ride to the Philly airport, where we got in the security line that went all the way back to the parking garage!  AAAAAH!  We then had an extended layover in Atlanta, the busiest airport in the country.  People watching at the airport is entertaining on a regular basis, but at Christmastime it’s even crazier, people with lighted headbands and other over the top holiday clothing abound

Jim and I agreed that it felt good to get back home and we quickly made plans to move through the water once again. To find a new port, a new part of the country for us to discover together.

5 thoughts on “I’ll be Home for Christmas”

  1. Hi Stephanie and Jim! Chuck and I are organizing our boat cards tonight and came across yours with this blog. How’s Ortega Landing? We’re at Vero Beach, waiting for calmer winds to head south. Left Brunswick on 1/13, the next good window after you left. Actually made it to Palm Cove, Jax, in a day. What’s your next move? It sure has been a cold, windy month. I miss those morning exercise groups in Brunswick. You are a good writer, enjoyed reading your last post.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Great to hear from you! I miss working out with others, but I’ve been using the beautiful clubhouse here to do my own workouts. This marina is really beautiful! We like it here a lot. It’s close to a shopping center, which is conveient since we don’t have a car. But no happy hours every other day! We are thinking about staying here until we start the trip back north in Mid to end of March, depending on the weather! I’m so glad you reached out. Are you guys planning to head further south? It has been a cold winter, we’re thinking maybe the Bahamas next year!

      1. Hello, yes, we’d like to head further south but the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating much to go outside between Lake Worth and Miami, to avoid a lot of bridges. We also have a charging issue and would love to hire a marine electrician to go over our wiring. There’s a good one in Jacksonville according to the person we bought our batteries from. We might give up on the Bahamas as well this year, and plan to go in late March through early May next year. I’d love to get to at least the Keys, then find a marina in Jax to head to in March. Maybe Ortega?

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