From the Chesapeake to Rhode Island

Friday, May 30 we departed from our home port on the Bohemia River to begin our 4 day journey to Rhode Island.

compass on boat
The compass is pointed south as we down the Delaware Bay

The first day we made it through the C & D canal, down the Delaware Bay, where we saw a whale, to Cape May, New Jersey.  We spent a night at Utsch’s Marina and enjoyed a seafood dinner at The Lobster House. After that we took a walk into town and on the beach.  This was a 71 nautical mile trip and took us just under 7 hours.

lifeguard chair
A walk on the beach in Cape May

Day two took us from Cape May into the Manasquan Inlet to Point Pleasant, New Jersey where we spent a night at Clarks Marina. This leg of the journey also took just under 7 hours, but was 89 nautical miles.  Most of this trip was out in the ocean about 2-3 miles off shore.

View of city from the water
Passing by Atlantic City, New Jersey

Day three we went across the southern side of Long Island into Shinnecock Inlet. On this part of the trip we were 20 miles off the coast, it took 5 hours to complete 88 nautical miles. We anchored out that night and enjoyed taking Blue for a walk on the beach.

sand dunes
Sand dunes at Shinnecock inlet
Commercial fishing boats at dock
Fishing boats at Shinnecock









Day four we made it to Rhode Island! We went 84 nautical miles in 4 and a half hours.  We will spend the summer exploring the area on foot, by car and by boat.

This journey was documented on video and has been uploaded to our YouTube channel.  We hope you’ll check it out!


Point Judith, Rhode Island


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