Floating Home Returns To Her Home Port

10:00 on Sunday morning, October 1st we said our good byes to Jessica, Jamie, Nathan and Lucy.  We gave our car keys to our son, Steve, who threw us the lines and we were off! Steve took the train up to drive our car back to PA.

The weather forecast for the next few days was very promising for good travel.  We had gained more knowledge and confidence over the summer and felt much better about the trip back down the coast to our home port.  Floating Home has proven to be a solid and sound vessel we were ready for the big trip back to the Chesapeake.

As we approached Watch Hill, Rhode Island, about 2 hours into the trip, Jim noticed that the port engine tachometer was dropping, losing RPMs, and he was a little concerned. And then the engine just stopped running. Thankfully we were in nice, calm seas, and we used our starboard engine to move into a protected cove where we then dropped anchor.

Jim believed it was a clogged fuel filter so he gathered the tools and spare filer he would need, lifted the engine cover and headed to the belly of the beast!  Just a little later he went up to the helm and turned the key to hear that sound he so loves – the purring of the big diesel engines!  Jim was quite proud of himself for fixing it, for the first time, and out on the water! I was also very proud of him. Jim’s said to me when the engine started, with a big smile on his face, “There’ll be no living with me now!”

I’ve been doing more driving and giving Jim a break, and I must say I am quite the captain!

Midafternoon on Sunday we pulled into the marina where we would stay for our first night.  It was a great place in Branford, Connecticut. We fueled up and then headed to the slip to tie the boat up for the night. This marina had a great little restaurant on site and even though we had provisions on board, we had yet another great New England sea food meal.

There are two videos below.

Jessica shot a video on Facebook Live as we were leaving our marina in Rhode Island. As many times as we’ve left the slip on the Floating Home, this was the first time we got to watch it. I love listening to the kids on the dock and Jim loves listening to the engines!

The second video is what I recorded after Jim changed the fuel filter and got the engine running. If it’s hard to hear, Jim is giving credit to YouTube for showing him what to do!

Stay tuned for more updates on the rest of our journey, we have a lot to share and just need the time to write it down!

5 thoughts on “Floating Home Returns To Her Home Port”

    1. John, we miss good old dock 5!! Eagles rule this year (finally!) and Blue takes the dinghy to shore and poops. See you next summer. Pats are going down.

  1. Miss seeing Floating Home on the dock!-and of course Blu! Great to see you are having a good trip back. Keep in touch!

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