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Dealing with my hair when we are traveling

It’s been over 3 months since my last hair appointment. Any woman knows that is really stretching it!

Your hairdresser is an important person in your life. Quite often, people build a long-term relationship with their hairdresser. During appointments, you share stories about your life while counting on her or him to help make you look your best.

Before we started traveling, I had gone to the same hairdresser for 10 or more years.  Eventually, something would happen, maybe she’d move to a new salon, and the search for a new confidant would begin. I would ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers where they went to get their hair done.

hair care tools
hair dryer, hair brush and clips

Through the recommendation of a friend, I found a fantastic hairdresser on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, where we spend the summer.  I love to go to the small salon and listen to the talk of the town. The woman is highly experienced and has gotten to know my hair, as well as, my likes and dislikes for style. Not only am I pleased with the way my hair looks at the end of an appointment, but I am also filled up with camaraderie.

We have been on the move since mid-October so making the effort to find a hair salon was on the back burner. Now we are here we are in the Florida Keys for 3 months and my hair was feeling pretty scrappy!

Hair care while traveling
my hair is often pulled back in a ponytail

Since living on a boat I’ve found it much easier to let my hair grow longer.  I can simply pull it back in a ponytail when it gets in the way. When it gets really out of control then a ball cap goes on! Also, I don’t feel the need to get to a salon quite as often when it’s longer.

Finding a stylist

Eventually, though, it’s time. As we travel I rely heavily on Google and Yelp reviews to find a place to get my hair done. Here in Marathon, I found a salon with an average of 4.8 stars. I called and the friendly receptionist set up an appointment just a few days away.

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Getting to the appontment

It is just 2 and a half miles from the marina, I could easily ride there on my bike! Thankfully, the weather was nice and I didn’t get all sweaty on the ride.

In the past, I’ve used Uber to get to an appointment. If you’re wondering about how we get around when we travel be sure to read the post “Land Transportation for Cruisers.”

I walked in and the place was very attractive and fairly busy, giving me confidence that I’d made a good choice. Within five minutes of arriving a stylist greeted me and took me over to her chair. We discussed what I want done and she went to mix the color solution.

Uh Oh!

Shortly after the color mixture was applied to my roots, my head began to itch.  It became quite uncomfortable. I told the stylist and she gave me a comb to scratch my head as the solution worked to cover the gray. Aahh, it was a relief when it was time for my hair to be washed.

The woman was not very chatty. This can be a pro or a con. Sometimes I don’t mind the quiet but in this instance, I was hoping to learn a little about the area and life on the islands from a resident. 

I’d say it was an okay experience. Of course, as I sat there scratching my head with a comb, I was a bit worried that my hair might fall out. Thankfully, it was fine. Needless to say, I won’t be returning.

I often leave a review so that I can help others with making a decision.

Over the years I’ve had haircuts that I’m not very pleased with, but I’ve learned it will grow out and I can try again!

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