How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

It’s interesting how things happen.  Here we are in Florida, for just 3 months.  In October Jim’s parents became full-time Floridians in a beautiful retirement community.

Jim received a call last Tuesday night from his mom.  His dad had had a stress test in the morning.  That evening the doctor called with the results and said: “I want you in the hospital now.”  The stress test showed blockage in the arteries and he needed to have a stent put in as soon as possible.

Dad was a ticking time bomb; it was a miracle that he was alive.  This 83-year-old man walks up to 2 miles a day, works in the garden, lifted many boxes and even moved furniture during their recent relocation!

As the cardiologist went in to do the procedure he was shocked to find 4 blocked arteries, up to 95 percent blockage!  So that quickly came to a halt as bypass surgery was what would be necessary.  Yes, open heart surgery.

We are so thankful to be staying just a little over 100 miles away.  Jim was able to adjust his work schedule, Blue went back to Happy Hounds boarding kennel and we rented a car, once again.  We will soon be Gold members in the Enterprise Plus club!  Friday morning we headed to Mount Dora to see Dad before surgery and keep Mom company in the waiting room.

It’s been just 5 days since the surgery and Dad is recovering beautifully!  We stayed with mom for the weekend and now Jim’s sister is there helping out.  The probability is high that he will be back at home in his easy chair by the end of this week.  What a blessing!

Jim’s parents’ 64th anniversary was this past December, just after they moved into Waterman Village.  The community celebrates birthdays and anniversaries.  When asked the secret to a long marriage, Dad responded: “When two imperfect people refuse to give up on each other.”  And as his mom often says “That’s what it’s all about!”

Jim with his parents

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  1. We will certainly keep Jim’s dad and the rest of the family in our thoughts and prayers, wishing for full recovery without further complications.

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