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man in boat engine compartment

Replacing the Transmission Oil Cooler

Engine Check Surprise Have you ever been doing an engine check just an hour before you were expecting guests to join you for a day on the boat, only to find water in the transmission oil? I was recently caught ...
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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Living on a Boat

When people find out that we live on a boat they are often full of questions. Here are some of the most common ones. Starting with the most asked question... How do you get your mail? The first thing we ...
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Our Most Terrifying Experience: Dragging Anchor

Our Most Terrifying Experience Recently I was asked "Have you ever been scared living on a boat?" "Heck yeah!" I reply. There have been a few rather unnerving experiences aboard Floating Home. However, I'd have to say the time we ...
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small kitchen on boat

In The Galley

My grandmother used to say “You’re either a clean cook or a good cook!” Now don’t take it that I’m saying I am a good cook, but oh am I a messy one! I have been known to use 3 ...
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Boat in the boatyard


What does B.O.A.T. stand for? Break out another thousand! We’ve heard it said many different ways, and no matter how you word it, we know it to be true! It is the fall of 2020, and we start the annual ...
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Living in a small space

Floor Plan of our home One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘How do you live in such a small space?” How much living space? Floating Home is approximately 480 square feet of living space. This measurement ...
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A Unique way of life

More than an adventure It’s become more than an adventure, it is now our way of life. We are approaching our 4th anniversary of life aboard Floating Home. What started as a one-year experience, now has no end in sight ...
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lifeguard chair

From the Chesapeake to Rhode Island

Friday, May 30 we departed from our home port on the Bohemia River to begin our 4 day journey to Rhode Island. The first day we made it through the C & D canal, down the Delaware Bay, where we ...
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Episode Three: The Systems that Run a Motor Yacht

Our new YouTube channel is off to a great start! Our initial videos have been viewed over 300 times! Our plan moving forward is to launch a new episode of "Our Floating Home" every Monday. In today's new show, we ...
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We’re Joining the YouTube Sensation

It’s been over two years that we’ve been living aboard Floating Home.  We’ve blogged about it, shared pictures & Insta-Stories on Instagram, and posted on Facebook. Now you can follow us on YouTube! Our channel has been created to show ...
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Smoke on the Water

There are so many things to be grateful for.  For instance, having that ‘nature call’ at 3:30 in the morning. It was 3:30 in the morning as I lazily got out of bed. I thought I smelled something a bit ...
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Where the Dolphins Swim

I’m like a kid every time I see a dolphin come up for air! I stop what I am doing and turn my focus to these beautiful creatures. The biggest smile comes across my face as I wait for their ...
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