Stephanie Palmer

I’ve always been drawn to water. It’s where I find peace. Growing up every summer our family enjoyed 2 week vacations on Long Beach Island, NJ. I would float on the waves and bob up and down until my lips turned blue. My father has a love of sailing and would rent sailboats. That was my first experience with boating. I just loved being out on the water. I also love to travel, near and far. I may have gotten this from my mother, she loves to travel. I love finding new and different places. It was time to wrap up my 30+ year career in early childhood education. My four children are grown and independent now. There really wasn’t much need for our house with an acre and a half of property. What should I do next? Travel, on the water! Now how to talk my husband Jim into this idea? Suggest living on a boat, yeah, he’ll fall for that!


  There are some mornings it isn’t cut and dry as to whether or not it’s a good day to head out.  The wind is blowing, but how much wind is too much? We look at numerous weather and marine apps on our phones and the iPad.  We look at each other and ask “What …

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Heading South!

We are so excited to be starting our way south.  How fortunate we’ve been that this has been a very mild fall and living on a boat has been very comfortable with these temperatures.  Our departure was pushed back by just a day so that Jim could see his dermatologist and have a simple procedure …

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Continuing the Journey to Our Home Port

We are just days away from heading on with our journey to Florida. We’ve been at our home port in Chesapeake City, Maryland for about 3 weeks, busy with appointments, boat maintenance and repairs, and lots of visits with family and friends.  We are excited to continue the adventure and to explore the Intracoastal Waterway! …

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Our Last Month in Rhode Island

It’s September, our last month in Rhode Island.  We just celebrated Labor Day, the weather is already feeling cooler and we’re beginning to plan our trip south.  But first we’ll reminisce about our first summer aboard our Floating Home. We had hopes of visiting more places in New England, such as Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, …

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A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

It’s time to cast off! Saturday, April 29 at 1:54 pm the tanks were filled with 400 gallons of diesel and it was time to leave our home port of Chesapeake City, Maryland!  My brother, sister-in-law and niece gave us final good-bye hugs and Jim’s longtime friend, and fellow boater, Scott was there to escort …

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April is Here

Moving on the Boat Well, we did it!  We’ve moved on the boat. Friday, April 14 was the moving day that we had planned for months ago.  The weather was perfect for moving.  First we loaded up the car once with most of Jim’s office; desk, chair, computers, files, etc.  Then a second trip was …

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