Stephanie Palmer

I’ve always been drawn to water. It’s where I find peace. Growing up every summer our family enjoyed 2 week vacations on Long Beach Island, NJ. I would float on the waves and bob up and down until my lips turned blue. My father has a love of sailing and would rent sailboats. That was my first experience with boating. I just loved being out on the water. I also love to travel, near and far. I may have gotten this from my mother, she loves to travel. I love finding new and different places. It was time to wrap up my 30+ year career in early childhood education. My four children are grown and independent now. There really wasn’t much need for our house with an acre and a half of property. What should I do next? Travel, on the water! Now how to talk my husband Jim into this idea? Suggest living on a boat, yeah, he’ll fall for that!

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Dealing with my hair when we are traveling

It’s been over 3 months since my last hair appointment. Any woman knows that is really stretching it! Your hairdresser is an important person in your life. Quite often, people build a long-term relationship with their hairdresser. During appointments, you share stories about your life while counting on her or him to help make you …

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Our Most Terrifying Experience: Dragging Anchor

Our Most Terrifying Experience Recently I was asked “Have you ever been scared living on a boat?” “Heck yeah!” I reply. There have been a few rather unnerving experiences aboard Floating Home. However, I’d have to say the time we dragged anchor during a thunderstorm ranks as number 1. Let me tell you the story. …

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