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Moving on the Boat

Well, we did it!  We’ve moved on the boat. Friday, April 14 was the moving day that we had planned for months ago.  The weather was perfect for moving.  First we loaded up the car once with most of Jim’s office; desk, chair, computers, files, etc.  Then a second trip was made to pick up mostly everything else and one minor detail – the dog.  Poor Blue almost thought he’d be left behind!  We’ve paid rent on the apartment till the end of the month, so there are a few things there that have to go to storage and a final cleaning before we leave.

Now when we say we’re going home, we actually go to our floating home.  We went to my sister’s for the family Easter dinner and when we left we headed for our home on the water.  It feels so right.

I’ve been asked by some people that I tell about our big adventure “What does your family think of this? Are your parents worried about you?”  I am so thankful that our family is very supportive and excited for us.  It’s a big decision to sell a home and leave the area where we’ve lived for so long and take off.  It really helps to have those that we love so much feel happy for us.

And she is boasting her new name!  Today we put the name and hailing port on the boat.  We ordered decals from Boat US.  It really couldn’t have gone much better as we slowly and carefully measured and eyed the alignment and then peeled away the backing and pressed the letter on.  Next week we will hold an official renaming ceremony.

I asked Jim a very serious questions this morning “Jim, can you think of anything more fun than living on a boat?”  He’s stumped.


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