A Unique way of life

More than an adventure

It’s become more than an adventure, it is now our way of life.  We are approaching our 4th anniversary of life aboard Floating Home. What started as a one-year experience, now has no end in sight.  This adventure has become our lifestyle. So why do we keep going?

Jim and I have found that we love living outside the box! Life in suburbia had a place for us, at one time in our life, but it’s not necessary any longer. There was a time we wanted our children in good schools and availability to lots of activities. It was important to have family and friends nearby. Our kids are now grown and on their own. Life has changed. We lived in an area where I found myself affected by the ‘keeping up with the Jones’ mentality. Breaking away from that has been inspiring. Jim created a job that allows him to work almost anywhere. Technology now makes it quick and easy to get in touch with loved ones

front of house, flag, garden
Our home of 28 years

On the move

Life on Floating Home is more than living in a house that floats. We find moving our home when we wish is interesting and fun! We enjoy spending time in different towns, seeing new sites, and meeting new people.  It allows us to experience what it would be like to live in a small town, such as Georgetown, SC or Edenton, NC, or possibly a larger metropolis, like Charleston, SC, or Jacksonville, FL.

A moving home gives us the chance to spend time with friends and family that live in different areas of the country. Well, at least on the east coast of the country. Jim’s parents live in Florida and we have a daughter and grandkids in Rhode Island. For the most part, the rest of our loved ones are somewhere in between!

Challenges Stretch Us

Jim in engine room repairing genrator
Jim working in the engine room

The ongoing challenge of figuring things out stretches us. It keeps our brains and bodies active. We continually have to figure out how we will get to the store, or where to get a haircut. Then there is deciding where the best anchorage is, or what marina will we pull into, and for how long. Life is rarely monotonous. Internet service is an on-going challenge, particularly for Jim as he needs a good connection to work with his clients. Three months in one place and we are ready to move on!  Once again, it is time to be tested! We must carefully watch the weather, particularly for winds.

I Wondered Why?

There was a time when I really wondered why people lived in a way that seemed difficult! Why make life any harder than it has to be?  I was quite perplexed. We live in a world of convenience, marketers are continually convincing us that we need to purchase this or that to make our lives easier.  However, we have learned that there is great fulfillment from the added effort.

Carrying packages down the dock
red delivery van
A grocery store in Oriental, NC offers transportation!

After almost 30 years of cutting grass and shoveling the driveway, Jim said, ‘That’s enough!’ Now he is fixing things, and tinkering about the boat. When we first moved aboard Jim had planned to hire trained mechanics to complete all the necessary maintenance and repair work that would need to be done. Over the years, Jim has worked to learn how to maintain and repair Floating Home.  He can change the oil, fix the Vacuflush toilet, and can change the Racor filters while bobbing up and down on the water, just to name a few things. All this helps Jim to be more familiar with the boat and that’s important. It not only provides a sense of accomplishment, but it also saves a lot of money in labor!

What’s next?

binoculars, radio, chart books
Planning for more adventures

Next on the radar is planning for The Great Loop, a circumnavigation of the eastern United States. We look forward to meeting and connecting with others that take on this voyage. This journey will take approximately a year to complete. We had hoped to start this May 2021, but due to the closure of the Canadian border, we’ve decided to put that trip off until next year. We also hope to make it to the aqua blue waters of the Bahamas someday! How could one live on a boat and not spend time near tropical islands?!


When the lockdown began in March 2020 it didn’t require many adjustments to our already somewhat secluded way of life. So here we are, 12 months into 2 weeks to slow the spread, and with the way things have been going, what better place to live than on a boat out on the water?

Stay tuned for more about our life as we live aboard Floating Home!

Sunrise reflecting on the water
A sunrise view

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