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My Boat Life!

I recently did a fun interview with Matt O’Hara, host of the show, My Boat Life! This is an in depth look how Stephanie and I made the decision to live aboard, and how we made it happen! Thought you might enjoy listening!  http://www.myboatlife.com/2017/09/our-big-adventure-just-saying-yes-to-living-aboard.html (you’ll find the green play arrow near the bottom of the page)

Our Last Month in Rhode Island

It’s September, our last month in Rhode Island.  We just celebrated Labor Day, the weather is already feeling cooler and we’re beginning to plan our trip south.  But first we’ll reminisce about our first summer aboard our Floating Home. We had hopes of visiting more places in New England, such as Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Block Island and Newport.  We made it to quite a …

Simple, Slower and Chores

Stephanie and I have been living full time on our Floating Home for 4 months. We faced our first ‘medical challenge’ as Stephanie was getting bad headaches and migraines. She spent the last two weeks in PA seeing different doctors and visiting her parents and three of our kids. The good news is we think we have a handle on what’s been causing them and …

Would You Sell Your Home To Live on a Boat?

Stephanie and I were recently interviewed by freelance writer Karen Griffard Putz for her blog, Ageless Passions, which inspires others to live their passions. The article took a look at the more personal side of our big adventure. We think Karen captured our journey nicely!  Here’s the article: http://www.agelesspassions.com/sell-home-live-boat/